Lobbyist FAQs

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State liaisons
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State Liaisons

Q1.  What is a state liaison?

A1.  A state liaison is responsible for any lobbying by a state official or employee on behalf of a state agency.  Each state government agency designates one person as their liaison.

Q2.  Does a state liaison have to pay a registration fee?

A2.  No. 


Q3.  What is my Initial Reporting Month?

A3.  The initial reporting month is the month that lobbying activity began for the fiscal year.


Q4.  I need to file a disclosure statement.  What information do I need?

A4.  You will need the following information:

  • Amount of public funds expended on behalf of the department (other than salary)
  • The number of hours spent lobbying and preparing to lobby.  Use estimates, if needed.
  • Subjects and Bills.
  • State Officials used by lobbyist.

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Q5.  How do I disclose lobbying activities that do not have a bill number?

 A5.  In the Subjects and Bills section of the report, choose "Other" and enter a description of the activity.


Q6.  How do I search for previous registrations?

A6.  On the disclosure report page, click on "View reports from other years".


Q7.  When should I file a termination report?

A7.  A termination report can be filed when the person designated to do the lobbying on behalf of the principal department has been changed or their service has ended.


Q8.  How do I file a termination report?

A8.  To file a termination report:

  • Log in to the Lobbyist online system.
  • Under the Lobbyist Filing Center, click on "Disclosure Reporting".
  • On the State Lobbyist Disclosure Summary page, mark the box next to "Check if this is a termination report."


Q9.  What is a State Official?

A9.  A State Official is an employee other than the registered state liaison who also lobbies on behalf of the principal department.  State Officials must be added to the State Official List each fiscal year.  Instructions for adding State Officials.   

Hours are reported under the designated person responsible for the department's lobbying.   

Q10.  When should I register as a lobbyist ?

A10.  Most commonly, if you are communicating with a covered official to influence legislation, you are required to register as a lobbyist. For more information about when to register see, [1]  [2]


Q11.  How do I report lobbying activity not related to any bill or legislation?

A11. On your monthly disclosure statement, under Subjects and Bills, select “Other” as the bill or resolution prefix, and then enter the activity in the “Subject of legislation” field.



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