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Voluntary Spending Limits

Q1. What are voluntary spending limits?

A1.  Voluntary spending limits are a "cap" on how much money a candidate will spend during the election cycle. 


Q2. If I accept voluntary spending limits, can I change my mind later?

A2. You can withdraw your acceptance of voluntary spending limits under limited circumstances. 

If another candidate enters the same political race and that candidate does not accept voluntary spending limits, you can withdraw your acceptance within 10 days of the new candidate's entry into the race.  This applies each time a new person enters the race and does not accept voluntary spending limits.

Otherwise, acceptance of voluntary spending limits is irrevocable.


Q3. When do I have to decide whether or not to accept voluntary spending limits?

A3. If you are going to accept voluntary spending limits, you must do so when you file your candidate affidavit.


Q4. I accepted voluntary spending limits.  If I contribute to my own campaign, does that amount count against the limit?

A4.  Contributions from a candidate to his or her own campaign are considered contributions from the political party and are therefore subject to the political party limit.  Combined contributions from the candidate and the political party cannot exceed the limit for the political party.


Q5. Under what circumstances can we accept more than the limit?

A5.  If another candidate:

  • Enters the race
  • does not accept spending limits, and
  • raises more than 10% of the limit

then candidates who have accepted voluntary spending limits can accept double the listed limits.  The exception is political party contributions, which may not be doubled.


Q6. What are the limits? 

A6.  See voluntary spending limits.