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Major Contributors

Q1. When do I have to file a Major Contributor Report?

A1.  A committee who receives a contribution of $1,000 or more within 30 days of a primary or general election is required to file a Major Contributor Report within 24 hours of receipt of the contribution.

A contribution is received the date it is accepted by a committee/party, with the exception that contributions by check or credit card are considered received the date the contribution is deposited by the committee/party into its account.

For more information about when a contribution is considered received, please review Campaign and Political Finance Rule 18.1.8.

A Major Contributor Report is scheduled and the due date is determined by the receipt date of contributions which qualify as Major Contributions. For example a Major Contribution with a receipt date of October 7, 2010, would have a report due date of October 8, 2010, a Major Contribution with a receipt date of October 8, 2010, would have a report due date of October 9, 2010, etc.

Disclosure reports must be filed no later than 11:59 PM on the report due date to avoid late filing penalties. All major contributions for a specific date will be filed on the same Major Contributor Report.

Q2. How do I file a Major Contributor Report?

A2.  To file a major contributor report:

  1. Log in to TRACER.
  2. Click on the "Contributions" tab.
  3. Click on "Add".
  4. Fill out the form.  If the contributor's information has been entered into TRACER previously, you can use the "Search" button to look up that information.
  5. When you are finished, click on "Save".
  6. If you need to enter additional contributions, click on "Continue Save" and then on "Add Another Contribution".
  7. If you see any warning or error messages, click on "Make Corrections" to edit the information, then save.
  8. When you have finished entering contributions, click on "Return".
  9. Click on the "Filings" tab.  All of the major contributor reports will be listed on this page under Reports Due.
  10. To file a report, click on "View/File" next to the report, then click on "File".
  11. You will see a message that your filing was successful.  The report will appear in your filing history page and is available for public viewing.


Q3. Can I file major contributor reports using EDI?

A3.  Yes.  You can upload this information using the EDI interface, but you also have the option to exclude major contributors from an EDI filing.

There are two potential problems with using EDI to file major contributor reports. 

First, if you wait until the end of the reporting period to upload your EDI file and some of the major contributions entered into the file were received earlier, you will incur late filing penalties if the reports are being filed outside of the 24 hour reporting deadline.

Second, if you did file major contributor reports on time and include that same information in your EDI file, this can result in duplicate major contributor reports.  You can avoid this problem by checking the "Exclude major contributions" box found on the Import File page. If that box is checked, contributions in your file that match the criteria for a major contribution will not be uploaded with the rest of the file.  All unreported major contributions will have to be entered manually.