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Q1. Where can I find disclosure forms?

A1.  The following are disclosure forms for our office:

Personal Financial Disclosure form (PDF)

Financial Disclosure Update form (PDF)

Gifts and Honoraria Report form (PDF)

You can also find forms on the forms page.


Q2. I've never filed a personal financial disclosure before. When do I have to file?

A2.  Initial personal financial disclosures must be filed within 10 days of the date that you file your candidate affidavit.


Q3. Where do I file my disclosure?

A3.  The following file with our office:

  Assessor Gaming Commission Regional Transportation District
  Bingo-Raffle Advisory Board General Assembly School District Directors
  Clerk & Recorder Governor and Lt. Governor Secretary of State
  Coroner Justices and Judges Sheriff
  County Commissioner Lottery Commission Special District Directors*
  County Treasurer PERA State Board of Education
  CU Regent Public Utilities Commission State Treasurer
  District Attorney Racing Commission Surveyor

     *who receive compensation of more than $1600

The following file with their municipal clerk:

City Council


Q4. When are annual updates due?

A4. January 1 - updates due for:

  Bingo-Raffle Advisory Board Lottery Commission
  Gaming Commission Racing Commission

January 10 - updates due for:

  CU Regent Public Utilities Commission
  District Attorney RTD
  General Assembly Secretary of State
  Governor/Lt. Governor State Board of Education
  Justices and Judges State Treasurer


Q5. What is a personal financial disclosure?

A5.  Officials elected or appointed to many public offices must disclose their income and liabilities.  These reports are available to the general public.


Q6. What are reports of gifts and honoraria?

A6.  Public officials who file personal financial disclosures must also report gifts and other benefits received while in office.  These reports are available to the general public.


Q7. What laws govern disclosures by public officials?

A7.  The following provisions apply:

Assessor: 24-6-202, C.R.S. Lottery Commission: 24-35-207, C.R.S.
Bingo-Raffle Advisory Board: 12-9-201, C.R.S. PERA: 24-51-207, C.R.S.
Clerk & Recorder: 24-6-203, C.R.S. Public Utilities Commission: 24-6-202 & 24-6-203, C.R.S.
Coroner: 24-6-203, C.R.S. Racing Commission: 12-60-301, C.R.S.
County Commissioner: 24-6-203, C.R.S. Regional Transportation District: 24-6-203, C.R.S.
County Treasurer: 24-6-203, C.R.S. School District Directors: 24-6-203, C.R.S.
CU Regent: 24-6-202 & 24-6-203, C.R.S. Secretary of State: 24-6-202 & 24-6-203, C.R.S.
District Attorney: 24-6-202 & 24-6-203, C.R.S. Sheriff: 24-6-203, C.R.S.
Gaming Commission: 12-47.1-301, C.R.S. Special District Directors: 24-6-203, C.R.S.
General Assembly: 24-6-202 & 24-6-203, C.R.S. State Board of Education: 24-6-202 & 24-6-203, C.R.S.
Governor and Lt. Governor: 24-6-202 & 24-6-203, C.R.S. State Treasurer: 24-6-202 & 24-6-203, C.R.S.
Justices and Judges: 24-6-202 & 24-6-203, C.R.S. Surveyor: 24-6-203, C.R.S.

Q8. I have questions about Colorado Constitution Article XXIX, Ethics in Government. 

A8.  Questions about Article XXIX of the Colorado Constitution (amendment 41) should be directed to:

The Independence Ethics Commission
101 West Colfax Ave., Suite 500
Denver, CO 80203